Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Things That Have Happened That I Don't Assume Anyone Cares About:

  • Inflate - A flash fiction piece I wrote in a Bizarro workshop was recently featured on Bizarro Central. I struggle with writing pieces this short but this worked rather nicely. 
  • I have collaborated on a novella with friend and fellow author Armand Rosamilia. If you follow my Facebook page, you'll notice a theme building there. That is all I will reveal about the book. For now.
  • BRATS IN HELL is still a thing. It is currently with an editor. If all goes as planned this will be released around Halloween time.
  • DEATH GETS A BOOK suffered a setback. I wrote it into a corner and lost momentum. I set it aside and worked on the project with Armand Rosamilia and now that the brunt of that writing is complete, I have set DGaB back on the rails and I'm moving forward with it again.
That's all the boring details. Adios.